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Online Size Estimator

Our Size Estimator will help you gauge what size storage unit will fit your needs.

5x5, Small closet; 25 square feet

  • Chest of drawers, office supplies, chair, clothing
  • Small number of file boxes

5x10 Walk-in closet; 50 square feet

  • Couch and chair, chest of drawers
  • Small business inventory
  • Seasonal yard equipment
  • Excessive furniture
  • Bicycle or motorcycle
  • Lawn mower or small lawn tractor

10x10 Small bedroom; 100 square feet

  • Furniture from a one bedroom apartment or home with large appliance

10x20 Average one car garage; 200 square feet

  • Furniture from small house or 2 bedroom apartment with appliances
  • Car or truck and additional small items
  • Contractor inventories

10x30 Long one car garage; 300 square feet

  • Furnishings from a 3 bedroom home with appliances
  • Car, truck, or boat and additional small items
  • Equipment or commercial inventory

20x20 Small retail store or two car garage; 400 sq feet

  • Furniture from a large three bedroom apartment or home
  • Furnishings from a small four bedroom apartment or home
  • Two cars or truck
  • Equipment or commercial inventory